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At Lumos we offer many creative opportunities to help tell your story in new and innovative ways, while still adhering to traditional video techniques.

From Traditional sit down Interviews to 360 Video we truly offer most creative video solutions currently on the market.

Vlog Style

This style of video is great for engaging a younger audience and matches what students are used to seeing on social media platforms. We use our high quality cameras to imitate a students day to day life, a students experience at an event, or simply what living in a certain LLC is like. This style also allows for high energy music and creative edits of b-roll with smooth transitions connecting everything together. All in all if you want to break down the traditional sit down interview corporate style video, this may be the perfect creative solution. Check out an example of one of our previous Vlogs below.

Example of vlog style content.

In this Vlog we follow a Day in the Life of the Engineering student, Frenando Blevins. We utilized both our own footage as well as some footage Frenando filmed himself on his phone.


With a combination of cinematic b-roll matched with high quality interview set ups, we can help tell your story through a mini or feature length documentary.

Example of our documentary style content

In this mini-documentary we detailed a UT Engineering Alumni who now brews beer using what he learned from his studies.

360 Video

Got a space you need to show off? With one of our most creative video solutions we offer, our 360 cameras let the viewer experience an environment however they’d like. Add in our wireless microphone capabilities and you can even have a tour guide explain the space as they guide the audience. This style of content is rapidly evolving and could soon be the future of video.

Example of our 360 video content

Here we show off the interior of the EcoCar Lab. Where three students guide you through the EcoCar project.

Aerial and Drone Videography

We offer high quality drone footage of on campus building exteriors and even the surrounding Knoxville area.

Example of drone videography

Here we show off some of UT’s most popular exterior locations.

Feature Videos

Need to feature a program, product, or group of individuals? We can provide a high energy combination of cinematic b-roll and high quality interviews to engage the audience in the message you want to deliver.

Example of our Feature Video Content

In the Engineering Vols Make Music feature video we show off a side of Engineering not usually advertised, the love of music. A select group of talented faculty and students came together to perform their own rendition of Rocky Top.

Ad Bumpers

We offer high quality Ad Bumper’s to relay information to your audience in the quickest form possible. This style usually involves combining images and text with animations for quick engaging content.

Example of Ad Bumper Content

In this Ad Bumper the idea was to inform UT students about the “Clear The Air” initiative.

Performance Documentation

We offer high quality recording of large or small productions, with multiple camera set ups. This allows us to cut between the different angles to make sure the audience is seeing everything they need to be. We can also hook in directly to your PA system to record the audio as it was heard by the real audience that day/night.

Example of Performance Documentation


Here we captured the performance of ______ at Clarence Brown Theater.